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LCP LYCORZIP® Standing Seam Roof system is a formed material without joints with panels joined together with a double-lock Standing seam, and fastened to the Purlins with clips formed into the seam. LCP LYCORZIP® Standing Seam Roof profile panels of 480mm effective cover width having crest height of 75 mm is mechanically seamed with heavy duty electric portable roll-forming machine to withstand wind uplift and foot traffic.

LCP LYCORZIP® Standing Seam Roof system is exceptional water proofing roof system due to its high ribs – minimum roof pitch of 2° is recommended, subject to support spacing and structural tolerance with purlin and roof plane correctly aligned.


STEEL: The strength and formability of steel makes it an ideal material for Roof and Wall panels. LCP LYCORSEAMR is a cold roll formed Roof and Wall Cladding manufactured from high strength steel of G300 base material (300MPa minimum yield stress), with Galvalume steel (zinc ∓ Aluminium alloy) coating and color coated Galvalume steel.

ALUMINIUM: Available in mill finish or Pre-painted, Aluminium provides another choice of material for LCP LYCORSEAMR in demanding environmental situations as well as fulfilling your challenging roof designs.

OTHER MATERIALS: LCP LYCORSEAM is also available in other non-ferrous materials. e.g. titanium- zinc, Copper, etc. for further information, please contact LCP Building Products Pvt.Ltd. in order to procure standingseam profile in Mumbai.


The Roofing metal sheets shall be 0.55mm BMT. LCP LYCORZIP® a standingseam profile in Mumbai is produced by LCP Building Products Pvt. Ltd., with ribs of 75mm height at 480mm panel cover width. The sheets shall be installed using concealed fixing clips in accordance to manufacturer’s recommendations. The fasteners used to secure the fixing clips to the supports shall be compatible with the Roofing material used. The clips shall be concealed and no fasteners are to penetrate the cladding.The LCP LYCORZIP® must be mechanically seamed to complete the installation of the roof.

The sheeting material shall be protected steel sheet conforming to IS 513 and shall be with a minimum yield stress of 300MPa (Grade G300), metallic hot-dip coated with Aluminium/Zinc alloy comprising 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon. The minimum coating mass for the Aluminium/Zinc alloy coated steel shall be AZ150 (150 g/m2 minimum coating mass) as determined by Australian Standard AS1397 / IS :277 / IS : 14246.

For roofs where acoustic and thermal properties are required, LCP LYCORZIP® acoustic roof system has achieved. For information on the roof build-up, please contact LCP Building Products Pvt. Ltd., Technical Department for acoustic roof system in Standingseam profile in Mumbai.

Wherever applicable, the installation of the metal sheets shall be in accordance to the “Installation code for Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding; Standards BIS 12093. A minimum of 50mm shall be provided for projection into gutters. Flashings shall be supplied in compatible materials, as specified. Minimum cover of flashing shall be 150mm. All sheeting shall be fixed in a workman like manner, leaving the job clean and weather-tight. All debris (nuts, screws, cuttings, filings etc.) shall be cleaned off daily.

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