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Best Roof & Wall Cladding Manufacturer in India (LCP Spanlock®)

Standing Seam Feature

LCP SPANLOCK® standing seam roof and wall system incorporate the aesthetics of an architectural panel. LCP SPANLOCK® is a mechanically seamed panel that combines a slim rib with high wind uplift resistance. It has a concealed clip system which provides ease of installation and an impressive finish product with no exposed fixings.

  • Standing seam enjoys long lasting life expectancy.
  • Superior performance makes LCP SPANLOCK® standing seam more widely specified, compared to other roofing systems.
  • The roof has become part of an architectural concept, not just an element to keep out water.
  • Clip system is easy to install.
  • Design flexibility, allowing long lengths & curves.
  • A variety of Clean COLORBOND® pre-painted steel offers excellent gloss and long lasting beauty.
  • Available in a range of other material finishes.
Architectural Specification

The roofing and/or wall cladding metal sheets shall be 0.55mm BMT. LCP SPANLOCK® produced by LCP Building Products Pte. Ltd., with rib height of 25mm at 520mm panel cover width, or rib height of 38mm at 500mm panel cover width, or rib height of 50mm at 470mm panel cover width. Other panel cover widths are available upon request. The sheets shall be installed using concealed fixing clips in accordance to manufacturer’s recommendations. The fasteners used to secure the fixing clips to the supports shall conform to Australian Standard AS 3566 and be compatible with the roofing material used. The clips shall be concealed and no fasteners are to penetrate the cladding. The LCP SPANLOCK® ribs must be mechanically seamed to complete the installation of the roof.

Material Specification

Zintek® is a zinc, copper and titanium alloy, produced starting from 99,995% quality zinc, in compliance with European Standard EN 1179, with the addition of alloying elements. The zintek® rolled products are compliant with European Standard EN 988 - zinc and zinc alloys. Specification for rolled flat products for building.
After melting with alloy elements, zinc is channelled in a continuous casting process, from which it emerges as a semi-finished product; after that, it enters the rolling mills downstream, and from there, after being stretched out, it is sent to the cutting lines where it is prepared for storage and shipment.


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