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Solar Module Mounting structure Manufacturer in Raipur


Solar Module Mounting Structure is designed to function for 20 to 25 years thus material plays an important role in the overall solution. The strength of the material is defined by the geography and environment of the location being installed. Hence, there is a growing need for highly durable, rust-free, corrosion-resistant materials in the industry. This is leading to the emergence of evolutionary products like rust-resistant steel that have become highly popular in the solar panel market with its competitive pricing and greater durability in Raipur.

LCP provide the best quality of Solar Mounting design and Technologies which include the structures made of galvanized iron as well as aluminum structures that helps to strengthen your structure years by years.

Types of Solar Module Mounting Structures:
  • Ground Mounted Racks.
LCP Solar Module Mounting Structural are manufactured with:
  • Hot-rolled/Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel.
  • Pre-Galvalume Steel.
  • Pre Galvanized Steel.


Hot Dip Galvanized

Thickness Web Flange Lip
1.6mm to 2mm 50mm to 180mm 25mm to 50mm 10mm to 15mm
2.5mm to 3mm 190mm to 250mm 51mm to 70mm 15mm to 20mm


Pre-Galvanized | Pre-Galvalume AZ 150GSM/G550 MPa | POSMAC

Thickness Height Top Base Bottom Base Lip Degree
Mim 0.8 mm to Max 1.2 mm Mim 40 mm to Max 110 mm Mim 36.5 mm to Max 80 mm Mim 20 mm to Max 30 mm Mim 6 mm to Max 12 mm 70° And 75°

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