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Decking Sheet Manufacturer in Haryana

Decking Sheet Feature

The best Decking Sheet Manufacturer in Haryana is LCP FORMDEK® which is a Structural Steel Formwork system having ‘W’ profile Structural Decking system manufactured by LCP Building Products Pvt. Ltd. It is available in three different rib depths of 44mm, 51mm and 75mm.

LCP FORMDEK® Structural Steel Formwork system is to be used only as a permanent formwork to support the wet concrete, reinforcement bars and construction loads during the concreting works.

LCP FORMDEK® is suitable for use with steel support (e.g. I – beams), masonry or concrete framed buildings. The long spanning capacity of LCP FORMDEK®, without propping, is ideal for supporting concrete slabs where propping is not feasible or cost effective.

Decking Sheet Advantages
  • Permanent Formwork – no need of removal of sheets.
  • High Tensile steel – long spans, minimal propping.
  • Simple Installation – light weight sheets.
  • Flat surface for Shear Stud welding.

Geometrical Properties
(Yield Strength of material -240 Mpa/340 Mpa/550 Mpa

S.No Thickness in mm (t) BMT Unit Weight in kg/m2 Moment of Inertia cm4 Section Modulus cm3
1 0.7 7.65 22.16 10.07
2 0.8 8.69 25.17 11.44
3 1 10.77 31.09 14.13
4 1.2 12.85 36.86 16.75
5 1.5 15.96 45.24 20.56

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