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  • LYCOR HI-RIB® is a mechanical 360° Standing Seam Profile with concealed clip fixing methodology.
  • Roofing Panels installed with double-lock standing seam using concealed fix clips with no pierce fixing of the roof sheet.
  • Single roofing sheet length from Ridge to Eaves with containerised on-site roll-forming capability ensuring sheet integrity and inherent weather tightness.
  • Excellent rain water carrying capacity during the monsoon period.
  • Longer span & reduces structural membrane weight.
  • Robust Design: Depth of 167mm and supported on galvanized steel tight frames makes it most sturdy roof system to date. It can span up to 4mts. making roof structure more economical and lighter.
  • Fitted on tight frame system has high stability against wind velocity and uplift pressure which is fixed on Purlin.
  • Watertight: An exactitude engineered roofing system. A unique, special designed screw less roof with no end joints and side laps are seam locked, making it a total leak proof roof.
  • High water shedding ability enabling virtually flat roof as low as 1° Slope.
  • Handsome appearance and excellent anti-corrosion performance.
  • Outstanding durability and is suitable for extreme weather conditions.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Will last virtually lifetime.
  • Matching light panels of FRP / Polycarbonate available.
  • Option of under deck insulation of resin bonded glass wool / mineral wool.
  • Application: Factory Buildings, Warehouses, Institutional Buildings etc.
Double Skin System
ZAP profile