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LCP KLIPDECK® gives a traditional appearance coupled with excellent span characteristics. It has a high rib for a “non-punctured Clip Lock” roof system, providing excellent water tightness with suitable roof applications down to pitch as low as 1°. The wide reinforced trough ensures excellent water-shedding as well as walkability. It can also be use for wall cladding.

  • 650mm Cover – wide sheet coverage.
  • Hi-tensile Steel – light weight and high strength with improved damage resistance.
  • Bold Ribs – provide better performance with an architecturally pleasing profile.
  • Quick Installation – wide design provides fewer clips ensuring effective cost saving.
  • Secret Fixing – concealed clips for enhanced security and appearance.
  • 1° minimum pitch in long lengths to save support structure.
  • On-site rollforming capabilities.

LCP KLIPDECK® is a cold roll formed roof and wall cladding manufactured from G550 base material (550MPa minimum yield stress) in zinc-aluminium coated (55% Al and 45% Zn) steel and pre-painted zinc- aluminium coated steel available in numerous colours.
Other materials such as ZINCALUME® steel (Zinc & Aluminium alloy) coating in accordance with AS 1397, COLORBOND® steel finishes in accordance with AS 2728, galvanised steel subject to enquiry. For further information, please contact LCP Building Products Pte. Ltd.


The roofing and/or wall cladding metal sheets shall be 0.48mm BMT (i.e. 0.53mm TCT) or 0.60mm BMT (i.e. 0.65mm TCT) LCP KLIPDECK® as produced by LCP Building Products Pte. Ltd., with ribs of 44mm height spaced at 218mm centres. The effective cover width for the metal sheets shall be 650mm.

The sheeting material shall be ZINCALUME® protected steel sheet to Australian Standard AS1397 with a minimum yield stress of 550MPa (Grade G550), metallic hot-dip coated with ZINCALUME® zinc / aluminium alloy-coated steel comprising 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. The minimum coating mass for the ZINCALUME® zinc/aluminium alloy - coated steel shall be AZ200 (200 g/m2 minimum coating mass) as determined by Australian Standard AS 1397.

Wherever applicable, the installation of the metal sheets shall be in accordance to the “Installation code for metal roofing and wall cladding; Standards Australia SAA HB39-1997”. The sheets shall be installed using concealed fixing clips in accordance to manufacturer’s recommendations. The fasteners used to secure the fixing clips to the supports shall conform to Australian Standard AS 3566 and be compatible with the roofing material used. The clips shall be concealed and no fasteners are to penetrate the cladding.

Sheets shall be laid in such a manner that the approved side lap faces away from the prevailing weather. A minimum of 50mm shall be provided for projection into gutters. Flashings shall be supplied in compatible materials as specified, minimum cover of flashing shall be 150mm.

All sheets shall be fixed in a workman like manner, leaving the job clean and weather-tight. All debris (nuts, screws, cuttings, filings etc.) shall be cleaned off daily.


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